Eibe Maleen Krebs Photography and Film

Eibe Maleen Krebs (b.1982) is a photographer and film maker born and based in Hamburg, Germany. She graduated from her studies in photography at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg in October 2008. For her final project, she traveled through Australia for six months to collect photographic and filmic material, in order to create a documentary film and book. The latter, illustrated, is called „Haus Vogelsang”; the name of the film is Looking Forward - Looking Back. (87 min).

Afterwards she worked as freelance photographer and film maker. Since October 2010, Eibe Maleen Krebs pursued a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Fine Arts (HFBK) in Hamburg with a focus on film. In spring 2014, she finished photographic work, an illustrated book and her final film, Vom Hören Sagen (Hearsay, 65 min.). It is a filmic and photographic approach to the perceptual world of the visual and the blind.

In 2014, she was awarded the Wim Wenders stipend to develop a screenplay for her first feature film. Junafilm produced this movie, with her as director. The movie has been filmed and finished in 2017 and is called DRAUSSEN IN MEINEM KOPF. The film was supported by ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel, ARTE, FFHSH and the Film und Medien Stiftung NRW.
The world premiere was on the 39. Max Ophüls Preis Festival in January 2018. The film was nominated for the Grimme Award in 2020.

During the Corona pandemic, she directed TV films as part of ZDF's female director support program.

In 2023, she was nominated for Deutscher Drehbuchpreis (German Screenplay Award) for the script "Zwischen den Zeilen" together with Milan Skrobanek. She is currently developing other cinema and television film projects.

In addition, Eibe Maleen Krebs was a planning member of the "KLAPPE AUF!" short film festival team in Hamburg, Germany from 2012 to 2022.

portrait of Eibe Krebs


Ein Sommer auf Kreta, 2023, ZDF TV film, 88 min.

SOKO Köln - Eingeschüchtert, 2022, ZDF TV series episode, 43 min.
SOKO Köln - Lissis Leben, 2022, ZDF TV series episode, 43 min.

Draußen in meinem Kopf, World Beyond my Mind, 99 min.
  • Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival
  • 43rd Atlanta Film Festival, Atlanta
  • 27th Raindance Film Festival, London
  • 21. Pink Apple Film Festival, Zürich
  • 39. Max Ophüls Preis, Saarbrücken
  • 9. Kirchliches Filmfestival Recklinghausen
  • Wonderous Stories Film Festival

Vom Hören Sagen, Hearsay, 65 min.
  • Biennial Conference of the Finnish Anthropological Society
  • Ethnographisches Filmfestival, Trier
  • FILMZ Festival des deutschen Kinos in Mainz
  • 56. Nordische Filmtage, Lübeck
  • Document 12 Film Festival, Glasgow
  • Ethnographische Filmtage des Instituts für Ethnologie und Kulturwissenschaft, Bremen
  • 3. Marburg International Ethnografic Filmfestival, One with a movie camera
  • KLAPPE AUF! Filmfestival, Hamburg
  • SOLE LUNA FESTIVAL IX Edition, Palermo and Treviso
  • Göttingen International Ethnographic Film Festival

Interferencen, 9 min.
  • „Beyond Retro Realism“, European Media Art Festival, Osnabrück
  • Nikita Neufeld & Guests, Kunsthalle Göppingen

Looking forward – Looking back, 87 min.
  • Premiere Magazin Kino, Hamburg

Alter Ego, 9 min.
  • nominated for the 9. up-and-coming, international young film makers award, Hannover
  • Video der Generationen Short Film Festival, Ludwigsburg
  • Kurzfilmfunk Film Festival, Hamburg

Haar Schaf vorbei, 2005, clay animation film, 6 min.


  • „Zwischen den Zeilen“ nominated for Deutscher Drehbuchpreis (co-authored by Milan Skrobanek)
  • „Draußen in meinem Kopf“ nominated for the Grimme-Preis
  • „Draußen in meinem Kopf“ Buenos Aires Independent Film Festival, Monthly Winner Best Narrative Feature
  • „Draußen in meinem Kopf“ Max Ophüls Preis, Preis der Jugendjury
  • „Draußen in meinem Kopf“ Wonderous Stories Film Festival, Audience Award
  • Wim Wenders Stipend
  • „Vom Hören Sagen“ rated as particularly valuable
  • „Vom Hören Sagen“ Einstein Prize SOLE LUNA FESTIVAL IX Edition, Palermo
  • Freundeskreis der HFBK Stipend
  • „Alter Ego“ 3rd prize – Video der Generationen Short Film


  • C.A.R. Contempory Art Ruhr, Essen
  • C.A.R. Contempory Art Ruhr, Essen
  • P/ART producers artfair, Hamburg
  • Graduation Exhibition at the HFBK, University of Fine Arts of Hamburg, Germany
  • 24 Stunden Duldungsstarre, Group Exhibition, Lokal e.v., Hamburg
  • German Angst, 5. Triennale der Fotografie, Hamburg
  • Nikita Neufeld & Guests, Kunsthalle Göppingen
  • Schuster Photo Gallery “Die letzten ihrer Art“, Berlin
  • Fotodiplome, Die letzten ihrer Art, Armgartstraße, HAW Hamburg
  • Down Under – Deutsche Auswanderer in Australien – BallinStadt das Auswanderer Museum, Hamburg
  • Kleiderzeitreise – Mode um 1900 – Museum for Arts and Crafts, Hamburg
  • Schwerelos – Lange Nacht der Museen – Museum for the History of Hamburg
  • Frauenbilder, Young Fashion Design – Museum for Arts and Crafts, Hamburg
  • ROOMS, Young Fashion Design – Museum for Arts and Crafts, Hamburg
  • Echolot: Grimms Märchen, Art Photography – Icon Gallery, Berlin

Published Books

  • „Vom Hören Sagen“ published by Eibe Maleen Krebs
  • „Haus Vogelsang“ published by Eibe Maleen Krebs, 1st edition, 56 copies
  • „Modefotografie“ published by Eibe Maleen Krebs, 1st edition, 50 copies